• http://glueandglitter.com Becky

    Way to set an example! Commitments and standards are great, but what message is the administration sending when they refuse to take actual action??

    • Tristan

      While I would normally have expected the Obama Administration to embrace this wholeheartedly, I do understand a possible reason for not doing so.

      In this political climate the Democrats need every advantage they can get, thanks to a large amount of mudslinging, misleading information, and of course good old American stupidity. If Obama accepted this offer he would no doubt be assailed by the GOP for A) taking away jobs from the power company workers who provide power to the White House, B) not offering to pay for the solar panels to keep the economy running, and C) defacing the White House by placing large solar panels all over it.

      Now, as an intelligent human who would love to personally sack-punch every Republican as hard as I can for their near-Autistic displays of intellect on a daily basis, I have to say that I would have done it anyways and told them to go f*** themselves. However, as an intelligent human who realizes that merely punching each Republican in the genitals would not bring me closer to my goal of having no Republicans (I mean, ostensibly if I punched hard enough it would put a sizable dent in their population, but I don’t have the endurance for that), I have to say that the Administration made the proper choice for politics, because this gives them more leverage against the Republican media circle-jerk machine. If Fox does call them out on it, what will they say? Obama refused to upgrade to clean power? Fox has been fighting clean energy tooth and nail for years!

      • Max Farmer

        Moreover, he would be attacked for not following the legal, established, and REQUIRED bidding process for carrying out a project like setting up solar on the White House roof.

        I wonder why Bill McKibben is unfamiliar with this? Somebody who is so involved with politics, government and alternative energy should know enough to realize that the President would be walking into a lion’s den by accepting his offer. He can’t just accept a “free” solar system without opening up an endless can of worms.

        It’s likely that McKibben was told that Sungevity would be welcome to bid along with all the other contractors, in the proper fashion when the req is issued. The story doesn’t indicate if the “free” system offered was a complete energy solution of sufficient capacity to cover the White House’s energy needs or a single array that would only be given if the government also bought significantly larger capacity. There’s no point in putting in a small system for free and then having to expensively integrate that into a larger system by a different manufacturer.

  • @motsatt

    You lost. The green debate is over and the people said no to it. The more of your ideas you get implemented, the closer you are to revolution. When coal fired power-plants get shut down and people freeze to death on those cold dark windless winter nights, people will march on Washington and take power. And there won’t be any environmentalists in the new government. You have lost and there is no way you can win without killing millions of people, and loosing any hope of any influence in Washington. You will never see any power and this solar panels that aren’t being installed on the white house roof are indeed symbolic, but not in the way you would like to see, but a symbol of stopping your efforts. Like nothing will come out of Mexico for the same reasons nothing came out of Copenhagen. You can’t win. You can’t win by default.

    Now, please. Let it go. So we can work on important issues, some of them in protecting the environment, but also in taking care of people.

    Let it go.

    • Rico

      What idiot bus did you get off of?

    • socko

      wow, @motsatt. who are you? i love how you seperate the environment from the people, suggesting that they are not inter-connected. how supremely short-sighted and arrogant of you. but then that’s the kind of dribble i’ve come to expect from the right. This anti-environment talk is either misguided or driven by greedy motives to protect the current power holders and the status quo.

      • @motsatt

        I’m not rich or on the right. I’m not an idiot or, supremely short-sighted and arrogant. I have no power nor am I greedy, far from it.

        I just think your wrong. But good luck winning eighter friends or any debate with your usual ad hominen talk. Thats why you loose because people see through it and like the child that screamed wolf there will be no more times that people come running after Cancun.

        May I suggest a global cooling scare for 2040?

        • Marlo

          Learn English you FOOL.

        • MooMoo

          Loose – Lose…… know the difference…..

        • Max Farmer

          Except, you ARE an idiot. The energy industry doesn’t give a flying poot about your opinion. They care about cost per kilowatt/hour. They care about long-term monitization of capital investment, and green gives better long-term payback.

          The fact that you’d bring climate change into this indicates you don’t know what you’re talking about. This has nothing to do with climate change. This has to do with cost and intelligent use of existing resources.

          Motsatt: Even if I worked in the fossil fuel industry, even if I was potentially shooting myself in the foot by advocating clean energy, I would do so. The fact that you are willing to gleefully argue in favor of dirty fuel sources, and the fact that you seem to take joy in what you purport (wrongly) to be the failure of new technology labels you as a troll and a luddite, to out of touch with current reality to continue to exist for long. I pity you and those like you.

    • Max Farmer

      Meanwhile, under your nose, thousands of wind turbines are coming online, and gigawatts of solar generating capacity are being added to the grid.

      What do you mean with your whole line of “when people freeze to death” nonsense? In what world would we shutdown existing power sources before being able to backfill capacity? Mottsat, the people who manage grid capacity and balancing aren’t stupid. They don’t maliciously create shortfalls just to make political points.

      Nothing needs to come out of Mexico, or Copenhagen. The market is shifting to renewable energy sources because they’re becoming cost effective. Virtually the only new capacity coming online is all green.

      Feel free to cast your silly rantings to the wind, for all the good it does you. The rest of us will get on with improving the quality of life on Earth.

      The revolution you speak of is in progress. It consists of powering our machines with wind and sun, saving petro-chemicals for more rational uses. That’s the revolution.

  • Bullet

    About $92 billion – more than 11 percent – of Mr. Obama’s original $814 billion of stimulus funds were targeted for renewable energy projects when the measure was pushed through Congress in early 2009. Only about $20 billion of the allotted funds have been spent – the slowest disbursement rate for any category of stimulus spending.

    The Department of Energy acknowledged that as much as 80 percent of some green programs, including $2.3 billion of manufacturing tax credits, went to foreign firms that employed workers primarily in countries including China, South Korea and Spain, rather than in the United States.

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  • ndnwindrider

    to do anything to the White House involves lengthy negotiations and a mandatory bidding process for minority and disadvantaged vendors. and…because it is the White House there is an incredibly huge amount of red tape to do any renovations with Historical Landmarks. from the article itself the answer was not NO…”McKibben added that the White House said “they would continue their ‘deliberative process’ to discuss putting solar panels back on the White House roof.” I seriously doubt with every thing that’s going on President Obama can stop and think about solar panels on the White House. can you imagine what would be said about him if he did…try…

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