• anon

    You were supposed to ignore this story, but no, you must make a complete mockery of irony…

  • An

    “It’s true that a message of compassion for children dying in floods and the like sounds about as hollow as it possibly could coming from an indiscriminate mass murderer”… seriously. Do you think anyone likes hearing or seeing mass destruction through natural events. He maybe a mass murderer but he is still human. Anyway wanting to convert by extreme means the rest of the world, even through acts of terrorism, does not make him inhuman.

    “It may seem like the terrorist is softening in his old age, but analysts have been quick to suggest that this latest recording smacks of desperation.” Again with the crazy unfounded comments. This is the worst propaganda I have ever seen really.

    I don’t know why I bothered relying to this bias, article besides the rage I was in after reading this scaving article.

  • http://twitter.com/JCred JCred

    You know what emits tons of CO2? Blowing shit up, in the name of Allah.
    Suck my balls, Osama. You too, Dave.