• Sandra

    Yet further proof that conservatives are a threat to the entire human race – wtf.

    This is a must read:

    The Tea Party – Proof that Nazism can happen in America (also, why the Tea Party is a terrorist organization)


  • Meme Mine

    How many climate scientists did it take to change a light bulb? NONE. But they did have consensus that it would change.
    Why wasn’t Climate Change ever regarded as the number one issue of prime importance to everyone, as we were told climate change was to have been immanent death for the planet?
    Why did we enjoy condemning our kids to their graves with CO2 death warrants and CO2 death threats?
    Why were there thousands of more scientists than protesters?
    Why did CO2 levels rise despite our contributing less with the world economic downturn?
    Wouldn’t the plants have shown effects long before the climate would shown effects?
    Why did the leftwing hope for the CO2 misery to really have happened and the rightwing discounted it as corrupt exaggerated and politicized science?
    Why were scientists not called what they were, fallible and mortal human beings and lab coat consultants?
    Didn’t scientists pollute the world in the first place with their chemicals?
    Why didn’t the countless thousands of scientists march in the streets if this was certain death we were facing?
    Didn’t Climate Change deny ancient climate and therefore have denied evolution too?
    Why didn’t the people know that the UN’s warning predicted the effects of CO2 were to have been anything from “nothing at all” to “unstoppable warming” (death)?
    Will history view climate scientists as being to science what witch burners and abusive priests were to religion?
    History has already shown that Climate Change was to the Democrats what the Iraq War was to the neocons, lies, and fear and politics.

  • http://juliekinnear.com Julie Kinnear

    The Climate change is very obvious matter. No doubt it is caused by human’s activity. Mitigation of impact on the environment is in our hands but especially the members of parliament may have the first right to treat that on behalf of everyone. Haven’t they been elected for that? At least they have started to talk about it…