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    Fascinating to watch how the political landscape has remained pretty consistent across the map over the past century. Thanks!

  • Indy

    It seems the densely populated coasts are the most constant thing about this- they consistently vote liberal. The heart of the country is more fickle, and subject to the influence of each elections’ ads.

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    So this means the east coast is where the intelligent people live.

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    Finally, a clear explanation of the difference between isarithmic and cloropethic maps.

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    To think that the political landscape has changed so much over the years. There is not one point that a state was not red or white or blue. Time changes all. Amazing,

  • Hannah G

    This is fascinating. But that this doesn’t show is the shift in the PLATFORMS of the two parties. In the early part of the century, the Republicans probably still had people supporting them or rejecting them on their status as the party that freed the slaves. I would love to see an animation based on some specific platform item, eg attitudes toward taxes or social services/welfare. Thank you for doing this.

    • http://www.retroscifigeek.com Retroscifigeek

      I agree! I wonder what party Lincoln would have been part of today. Some say he would be a democrat but I don’t know. He freed the slaves but was he only doing it to save the union? Plus he was the man who issued “green backs” which goes against central bank thinking. What do you all say?

  • William Donelson

    Awesome video!

  • glennk

    We would have been better off letting the south leave peacefully in 1861.