• Peadar

    Errr …… I know Clinton was mostly unbelievable in her private practice and then again in The White House, but did someone forget to mention to her before she spoke (as I imagine ALL our ‘expert’ conference hopefuls for yet another huge carbon-footprint-fling by hypocritical environmentalists must have known), that “ Abu Dhabi plans to generate 7 percent of its domestic power from renewable sources by 2030, a decade later than it originally expected …” (Bloomberg Tuesday, 17 January 2012)?Wow! The world’s latest and greatest monument to oil-based success/exceptionalism/opulence/elitism/greed/excesses and abject failures, is selected for yet another hellish-expensive socialist chin-wag (rather than an overpopulated, environmentally impacted tribal wasteland in Somalia, Sudan, Congo or wherever), to exemplify that there’s no hurry for renewable fantasies … even if Hillary might well be wishing for some by then.