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  • http://hiwaay.net/~bzwilson/prius/ Bob Wilson

    We’ve had hybrids for a decade with over 1 million by different manufacturers on the road and there has not been a rash, a measurable increase in fatal pedestrian accidents by hybrids. At most, this legislation will make EVs and hybrids just as deadly as today’s non-hybrid cars. Regardless, the pedestrian alert will be a minor cost and by legislation, always on.

    Today’s Volt and Nissan Leaf have an operator control that enables their pedestrian alert. The legislation will make it always on and we’ll get a chance to run the ‘great experiment.’

    Sad to say, there are effective accident avoidance systems that are radar and camera based that would make hybrid cars significantly safer. These have been ignored for this ‘ear wash’ and an opportunity to make a real safety improvement has been lost.

    Bob Wilson, Huntsville AL

  • steve flinn

    um…didn’t realize it was up to blind people to avoid cars. how exactly do they manage to play frogger in today’s gas-driven environs???!!! this is about the most insulting political smokescreen i’ve ever heard (and that is really saying something). it’s really not funny any more…

  • http://hiwaay.net/~bzwilson/prius/accident.html Bob Wilson

    Pedestrian-Prius accidents:
    Feb 13 – bicyclist fatality, Beaverton OR
    Feb 11 – motorized wheelchair fatality, Crescent City CA
    Jan 27 – bicyclist injury, Columbia SC
    Jan 24 – four kids injury, Orange County CA
    Jan 03 – bicyclist injury, Napa Valley CA

    Looking at the numbers one might be tempted to think Prius are out mowing down bicyclists and pedestrians until you read the details, the circumstances. Two bicyclists injured running traffic controls and crashing into Prius or the fatality, The bicyclist stopped in the middle of the traffic lane at night in the rain and not in the adjacent bike lane with only a flashing tail light. The motorized wheelchair, not a deaf pedestrian, drove into the path of the Prius. As for the kids, a minivan turned into the Prius forcing it on a sidewalk and the kids. A ‘pedestrian alert’ would not have made a difference but there is a technology that would.

    There is a Prius accident avoidance system that is radar and video based that would have automatically applied the brakes should an accident about to occur. A never distracted, always working, computer operated system that would have automatically applied the brakes to slow the Prius. If the accident is not avoided, it would at least reduce the speed to minimize the impact. That is the type of safety system needed, one that controls the 3,000 pound car, versus pedestrians and bicyclists trying to ‘dodge ‘em’ from a slightly noisier car.

    Bob Wilson, Huntsville, AL

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