• Kevin

    Fun activity – not sure which one is my favorite, so I thought I would post them all.

    1) “Do you believe in climate change?
    - Do you believe in Snowmen?”

    2) “What humans don’t seem to understand is that it doesn’t matter whether you believe in climate change, or in snowmen for that matter. The fact is that if they don’t start using their brains NOW, we are ALL going to disappear.”

    3) “Hey Robin – do you think that this is proof that global warming is real? I don’t know, but it’s definitely proof that we can’t survive without water!”

    4) “Hey guys, can you spare me any [climate] change?”

    5) “So, according to the study of deep-time climate change, the planet has gone through many phases of heating up and cooling down over the years. Because of this fact, some people will tell you that humans are not responsible for the climactic changes we are seeing, but rather that it’s part of a natural cycle. Oh, and these are some of the same people that are helping to shape the future of the planet. Kinda scary, isn’t it?”

    6) “The fact that this snowman is melting is NOT PROOF that climate change is a real threat to hundreds of thousands of species of plants and animals, nor is it proof that the irresponsible consumption of natural resources is the primary cause of this change. But it’s a good reminder…”

    7) “According to many well respected scientists, humans need to transition to a majority of renewable energy sources within the next 20 years, or else we are ALL screwed. Now put THAT in your beak and tweet it.”

    8) “Look here – the last remaining ice on the planet.
    Well, at least SOMEONE has a sense of humor….”

    9) “Hey Robin – do you think this Snow Rabbit looking at the sun is trying to say something? Yeah – that if he was made out of metal, he wouldn’t need to be pulled out of a hat next time.

  • http://windsector.com Robert Buckley

    Sorry, Frosty. We honestly believed our tweets about climate change would work.

  • http://www.joemohrtoons.com Joe Mohr

    I like it, Robert!

  • http://thealternativeconsumer Ross Dulmaine

    This guy’s starting to look my bank account.