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  • shirley

    Instead of getting rid of teachers and city employees, answer this question, Why do we need all of the same federal mandated groups that do about the same thing. Such as 1. Forest rangers, 2 park and recreation. 3 core of engineeres 4 natural resource district. I beleive that if the natural resource district just sold back all the land they have bought up for this group, People could buy back this land , pay property tax and help us get back on the right foot. They have bought land all across the usa for bicycle paths and their own use. Look around and you will see how much land the Natural Resource District ownes in your state.

    • Chris

      Shirley- All those organizations you list do not “do about the same thing.” First, I’m not sure if you’re talking about state or federal agencies, or some mix of the two.

      U.S. Forest Rangers – work in National Forests (state rangers work in state forests)

      “Park and recreation” – the U.S. Park Service works in National Parks and National Monuments (not the same as National Forests). Your local parks and recreation dept. takes care of the parks and organizes basketball leagues.

      “core of engineers” – the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is in charge of water and navigable waterways.

      “natural resource district” – I’m assuming this is a state thing where you live and sounds like a personal thing you have for bike trails.

      I hope this helps.

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