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  • Gypsygirl

    July 6, 2011
    Alaska could be a leader the Catalyst for our countries next leap into clean energy. Alaska has the resources to do it: money, Hydro, geothermal, wind, and tidal power its all here! Help us keep our state clean and our fisheries strong.

    Only problem is that we now have a Tea Bagger and oil lobbyist for Governor. known as Captain Zero! dba Sean Parnell.

    please we need to Push Congress to move Alaska into the clean energy business for the sake of the rest of this country now!

  • Uncle B

    Very oil hungry very rich Pan Eurasian Empire rising in the East, even American proven Thorium fueled LFTR-reactors with benign wastes on China’s lists, to be re-engineered for commercial uses! http://www.theoildrum.com/node/4971 tells some of the story, Google Tsinghua University, China, Pebble Bed Gas reactors for the rest of the story, and remember this of course is all the information this very secretive regime is willing to divulge. The also have a Thorium fueled CANDU reactor up and running, as well as much greater access to Russian technologies. Desert areas will not go unexploited.Solar is growing there as we speak. even more than the U.S. “controlled media” is allowed to tell us! my son rode the electric bullet train four years ago – brought home photos of the 320 kph digital display in his rail-car, spoke of great comfort, great convenience, Getting on in central Beijing, dis-embarking in Central Shanghai – no ‘bull Shiite” airport shuffle cars either. These folks certainly know how to transport their workers fast and cheap and in comfort, and by the tens of thousands per hour! Even their Wind Turbines to be best available on world markets due to superior magnets using rare earths! Goes for all their generating equipment too! The Sands of Time have shifted, left America in the lurch, super-intelligentsia now in control in China, in Asia, Even Putin re-educated, re-emerged, as a leader, speaks of ‘unity” naively misunderstood by Americans! He aims to help form the new Pan Eurasian Empire in the East. The “baton” has been passed, The American Dream ‘circus’ in jeopardy now, even as China holds “balance of power” over the U.S. fiat, “Funny money” and the “communist central planning committees” in Beijing make loaded “suggestions” as to American monetary, military, policy and are promptly obliged in hopes of loans to continue on by an American system rendered feeble by huge debt loads.