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  • Peter

    You know what’s interesting about this potential disaster?

    The complete lack of disaster from the other couple hundred pipelines running through the same area:


  • david

    hi Peter, who made the previous comment that there has been a “complete lack of disaster” from other pipelines in “the same area”. I cannot immediately recite all the specifics but since Transcanada Corp (TCC) began pumping oil thru the other section of this piepline north of Cushing, OK in 2010, TCC has recorded 14 “accidents” involving this one pipeline alone. You are clearly mistaken with the assertion that there has been a “complete lack of disaster” from ALL the “couple hundred pipelines running thru the same area”. But then I imagine you may define a “disaster” a lot differently than many of us do who live near where this pipeline is proposed to run. I guess the 300+miles that separates the southern end of this proposed Keystone XL pipeline in Houston from the BP oil drilling platform that exploded in April of 2010 east of New Orleans in the Gulf is not within “the same area” as you would define it as well. I will also guess that you are not a home owner or farmer whose very home and livelihood depends upon the Ogallala Aquifer underneath the proposed route of this pipeline that will carry a toxic slurry of Canadian tar sands oil and benzuene, arsenic, and other poisonous solvents.

  • Sierra

    All it takes is one…